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A good question! it is not always obvious, especially if the misalignment is slight, but there are signs to look out for:
  • Uneven tyre wear on the fronts or the rears
    If you can’t visibly see the wear, run your hands over the tyre and you can soon feel where the rubber has worn excessively, on the inside or outside edges. Warning – Be careful, in extreme cases of excessive wear fine wire may be protruding from the rubber.
  • The car pulls to the left and right
    When driving along a straight flat road and you either need to compensate through the steering to keep the car driving straight the car drifts to the left or right under braking.
  • A crooked steering wheel
    The steering wheel is not straight, even when driving straight.
  • Quick-to-fit clamps on each wheel target
  • No metal-to-metal contact that could damage rims
  • 4 wheel alignment checks in under 90 seconds
  • Rolling compensation made easy
  • Up-to-date manufacturer data

Why does my car need a Hunter wheel alignment?


Misalignment occurs through day to day driving of a car. As the car ages, components  can loosen and suspension parts wear.

Obviously kerbing and hitting a pot hole will affect it dramatically.

Alternatively it may have been wrongly adjusted previously.call in for a check today.